Electrolysis A Solution For Permanent Hair Removal

Having unwanted hair can be an unpleasant to a downright harrowing experience for some people. Unpleasant as it may be from a social standpoint, there is much solace in knowing that if hair is in an unusual visible place, it can be permanently removed with little side effect in a process that involves little to […]

Why Google My Business Is A Must For Your Small Business

Having been part of the small business community for so long, I still like to keep abreast of trends. And one of the major trends I see right now is Google my business. With the massive decline of printed media such as newspapers and yellow pages, businesses need to be more switched on to the […]

Save Space In A Small Home With Fitted Wardrobes

Just about all of the homes in my area are older style terraced houses. They are good strong homes, but some of the rooms are really quite small, and bedroom storage is always an issue. One of our networking members specialises in installing made to measure sliding door wardrobes. I hadn’t really given the subject […]

Inexpensive Marketing Tips

We had a speaker at our little networking group the other day. He came to speak with us about marketing a local business. He had a list of interesting low budget marketing ideas that are quite obvious, but none of us in the room had ever tried them. I am waiting for a cheat sheet […]

Perfect Design Ideas for Your New Fitted Bathroom

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise I suppose, but you don’t realise how important your bathroom is until you don’t have one! That is the situation we have been in for the last couple of weeks, one day the bathroom works, the next it doesn’t. I came from a house with 2 bathrooms, so […]

Get that new kitchen look for half the price by replacing just the doors

My recent experiences in renovating an older victorian style semi has brought me into touch with several local businesses that I probably would not have been aware of, if not due to my own immediate needs, and one of my biggest expenses and modifications came from needing to update my old tired looking kitchen. It […]

So you think you don’t have time for networking!

As a small business owner, you probably know that everything seems to take twice as long these days.Including marketing. You probably have a good product and things are going well, but you need to find some way to market in order to take the next step up. And even though you know that marketing works, […]

Support your local double glazing business

For many years, consumers have been led to believe that double glazed doors and windows are a good alternative solution for their homes, yet such message often lacks the comprehensiveness they require to inform the buyer of all the benefits of double glazed windows and doors. The following are some of the benefits that buyers […]

5 Benefits of Linkedin for Business

These days, social networking users have become very key for business success. LinkedIn is one of the most vital social networking sites not only for professionals, but also entrepreneurs looking to gain connections. It is important that you develop your profile in LinkedIn in order to get more connections with your customers and other business […]